Bedding - Inner Spring Units


Mar-Pak has been supplying packaging to the Bedding Industry for more than twenty years. When asked by our customers to provide them with inner spring units, we answered the request and searched around for a company that was respected in the industry for their product, quality and attention to detail.  We were happy to align ourselves with AGRO, International out of Bad Essen Germany. 

Agro is the largest Pocketed Coil Manufacturer in Europe.  Producing high quanlity spring units from their own wire plant ASW, which is situated next door to the AGRO spring manufacturing plant.






Pocket springs provide extra comfort. Their most outstanding feature is their high level of point elasticity, where only the actual load-bearing springs are compressed. This provides the body with optimum support during sleep.

The inserting of springs in small textile compartments produces connected series of springs which can be combined with each other in different ways. Take a look for yourself at AGRO's wide range of pocket springs.

The main advantages of pocket springs:

  • enormous level of point elasticity
  • active body support
  • maximum comfort
  • wide range of applications in the private and commercial sector
  • noise-free system

All AGRO inner spring systems are also available in special configurations, as multi-zone variants and with frames.


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