Mar-Pak adds Pocket Coils to their already extensive line of products!



Having been a distributor of packaging products for more than 25 years, it was a without hesitation when asked by one of our most valued customer's American Signatures, Inc if we could provide pocket coils to their mattress manufacturing plants.  Mar-Pak has the entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility to meet very specific requests from our customers.  Mar-Pak accepted the challange and was able to exceed our customer's expectations by finding a superior product to the one currently being used in their manufacturing process.  American Signature and Value City Furniture was extremely pleased with our results.


Mar-Pak exhaustively searched for the right supplier and were happy to align ourselves with AGRO International, the LARGEST Pocketed Coil manufacturer in Europe.  This German based company proved to be the type of company that Mar-Pak wanted to represent, meeting quality, on-time deliveries and pricing!  Having visited the plant to pre-qualify AGRO, we were extremely impressed with the automated warehouse system and the robotic inventory control that was in place.  It was clear how AGRO has stayed competative in this market, thru investment into the latest technology and equipment.  This makes AGRO in our opinion the #1 manufacturer of pocketed coils and inner spring units in the world.  


Pocketed Coils

 Pocketed Coils give the best feel in a mattress.  As you lay on the mattress, your body will adjust to the individual springs that are encased in a fabric sleeve.  This allows the springs to function as individual springs adjusting to the different weights of the body, from the head, shoulders and hips.

Our pocket coils can be manufactured to have three (3), five (5), and seven (7) zone.  Each zone will have a different weight of springs.  For example:  The head, shoulder and hip zone will have a 15 gauge, while the torsel and legs will have 15-1/2.  This would be five (5) zone mattress.

The most widely used spring in the U.S. is the Bonnell and LFK spring unit.  However witht the flexibility and comfort of the Pocketed Coil, much of the U.S. production is slowly switching over to the pocketed coil.



Roll Packed


We roll pack all our pocket coils and inner springs.  We can still had a "Flat" boarder wire on our units and roll pack them.  Roll packing makes for a better unit and easier waste removal with the paper vs the wood and strapping.  We also have less weight in packaging, which helps us ship more product on the container rather than packaging.

U.S. Customs Approved Supplier!


It is important that ALL Mar-Pak's suppliers are C-TPAT certified. Below are a couple key benefits to being certified with U.S. Customs.

Reduction in U.S. Customs Inspections. CBP has significantly increased its exam rates over the last several years due in large part to the increased use of Non Intrusive Inspections and other targeting tools. C-TPAT shipments are 4 to 6 times less likely to undergo an examination.

Free and Secure Trade (FAST). C-TPAT shipments entering the U.S. from either Canada or Mexico are able to use designated lanes at numerous border crossings as long as the U.S. importer, foreign manufacturer and cross border highway carrier are certified members.
















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