Bulk Bag Recycling

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Bulk Bag Recycling

  Mar-Pak maintains an AIB certified bulk bag/flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) recycling facility. This is a full-service cleaning, tracking, collection, and distribution center for bulk bag recycling.

Services  rendered at our facility include:

  • Bulk Bag Dry Cleaning
    This is the form of cleaning we use the most. In-house equipment is custom made for your container at no cost to you. Cleaning is performed using dried filtered compressed air in very high air flow exhausted rooms pulling a vacuum. This method is used on both lined and unlined bags. Usually, after being dry-cleaned, the bag has a new polyethylene liner inserted. Liners can be inserted loose, or attached by whatever method you choose (sewing, gluing, tying, etc). We collect the residual product and it can be returned to your facility if required.
  • Bulk Bag Liner Replacement
    All different types of liners are kept in stock (Tube, Form Fit, Cube and Sleeves). We perform a custom installations depending on the liner type and the features of the container.
  • Sewing Operations
    We have several different types of sewing machines on-site to perform any modifications, repairs or replacements necessary. All bag components are kept in stock to facilitate fast turnaround times.

We also offer a complete waste stream management program and on-site audit of your plant in conjunction with our partnership with the Grossman Group. We can turn your waste stream into a profit stream.


Bulk Bag Refurbishing  Services Dry Cleaning
Liner Replacement
Wet Cleaning/Laundry
Bulk Bag Recycling Services Collection
Bulk Bag Recycling Benefits Cost-Effective
Environmentally Friendly
Lengthens Lifespan of Bulk  Bags
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