Custom Corrugated Box for the Magnetic Industry

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Custom Carton
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Moose Carton

Project Highlights

Product Description

Mar-Pak was contracted by a client from the magnetic industry based in Marietta, Ohio, to fabricate a large series of custom corrugated boxes that would be used to ship 2x25 foot rolls of flexible magnetic sheeting for the ad specialty and signage industries.  We quickly designed and manufactured 18,000 containers that would protect our client’s products during shipping while ensuring handling ease.

Employing our standard manufacturing processes to produce both the cutting dies and print plates necessary to manufacture this carton, we used our standard rotary cutter to form the basic shape of each container. We then employed our advanced flexo, folder, gluer machinery to finish each corrugated box. This machine provided an efficient, inexpensive way to convert corrugated board into boxes by combining both the printing and gluing processes into one easy to manage production run.  Due to our advanced technology, we were able to construct thousands of boxes with relative ease and lower production cost.

Measuring 7.125 x 7.125 x 28.125 inches in dimension, each corrugated container weighed 65 pounds and was equipped with a 275# c-flute, natural kraft outer liner. Possessing green and black colored custom printed graphics, our high-quality corrugated boxes underwent ISTA testing to guarantee that each carton successfully met the requirements necessary to ensure the marketing and shipping integrity of our client’s product.

Shipped in bundles of 25 that were stretch wrapped on wooden pallets, we were able to employ our advanced packaging services to provide a cost effective and efficient method of building corrugated boxes that met high client expectations for transportation safety and ease of handling.


Capabilities Applied/Processes

We created the custom design of the carton and graphics to meet our customer’s needs in ease of handling by their customer and to protect the product during shipping.

We used our standard manufacturing process to produce the cutting dies necessary and the print plates necessary to manufacture this carton. We also produced the sheet stock for this carton off of our corrugators.

Equipment Used to Manufacture PartRotary die cutter and flexo, folder, gluer to finish carton.
Overall Part Dimensions 7.125 x 7.125 x 28.125
Material UsedCorrugated, 275# c-flute, natural kraft outer liner.
FeaturesCustom Printed Graphics
  • Green
  • Black
In process testing performedISTA testing done on this carton.
Estimated Part Weight65#
Industry for UseMagnetic
Order Quantity 18,000
  • Overage ±10
PackagingShipped in bundles of 25, stretch wrapped on wooden pallets.
Delivery LocationMarietta, Ohio
Standards MetAchieved the requirements that the customer needed to meet the marketing and shipping integrity of their product.
Product NameDie Cut Corrugated shipping carton
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